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There are a number of places in Indore that should be visited while on a sightseeing tour of the city. Indore has a rich cultural heritage. The city was ruled over by some of the greatest rulers, who have given it their legacy in the form of various historical monuments and religious places. Today, the Indore city of Madhya Pradesh has a lot to offer to the people who come here on tours. The place is all set to fascinate you with the charm of its architectural grandeur and historical enigma. 

Best Time to Visit: October to March


Regional Park Indore

The very attractive and beautiful park - the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Park - also known as Pipliyapala Park or Indore Regional Park, has been developed by the Indore Development Authority (IDA) !! Development of the park is on 80 acres of the lake and 42 acres land near this water body !! There is also a canal, which covers the whole park starting from one point of the pond and ending at the other part ! The bridges over canal with the mist fountain make one feel a special type of peace, mentally as well as physically !! Various attractions in the park include Boating, Musical Fountain, Jumping Jet Fountain, Artists' Village, Indian Gardens/Necklace Gardens, French Gardens, Maze/Labyrinth, Bio-diversity Garden, Mist Fountain, Lake-view Point, Amphitheatre, and Fast food Zone !!There are various exciting paddle boats (pedalos), speedboats (or motorboats/powerboats), and even small cruisers !! And naturally, the ride charges for these boats vary !!




The latest attraction to the Regional park is the mini cruiser - MALWA QUEEN - that has been added here, and is the first in the state too !! It has two decks, accommodating around 80 people, and has a restaurant and private party rooms !! Please check more details (timings, prices, etc.) of the restaurant,

Town Hall or Mahatma Gandhi Hall
The Town Hall or Mahatma Gandhi Hall is one of the prettiest buildings in Indore city of India. Built in 1904, it was originally named King Edward Hall. In 1948, it was renamed as Mahatma Gandhi Hall. It has a remarkable Indo-Gothic structure and is made in Seoni stone. Its splendid domes and steeples are the landmark of the Indore city. It has a clock tower in front and is popularly known as Ghanta Ghar. The central hall can accommodate 2000 people at a time and is the venue of book, painting exhibitions and fairs throughout the year. The building also has a library, children's park and a temple.

Lal Baag Palace
Lal Baag Palace is one of the most spectacular buildings in Indore. It stands on the outskirts of the town, towards the southwest. It is a three storey building on the bank of the River Khan. The palace was built by Maharaja Shivaji Rao Holkar during 1886-1921. 

Nehru Park
Another well known tourist spot in the city is Nehru Park. It is the oldest park in Indore, located centrally. Built by the Britons, it was earlier known as Biscow Park and was open only to British before independence. After independence, it was renamed as Nehru Park. The park has a variety of roses and offers facilities like library, swimming pool, children's hobby centre, a mini train and battery operated cars.