e-Office Training Video Tutorials
Sno Description Video Link
1 eOffice Basic Features Video Link
2 Login and Logout Video Link
3 Letter Panji Video Link
4 File Creation Video Link
5 Create Part File Video Link
6 Create DFA (Format) Video Link
eOffice-Check List, System Requirements ,Single User and Bulk user form for Email Creation
Sno Description File
1 e-Office : Check list and ppt for eFile pre-implementation activities Download PDF
2 e-Office : System Configuration Download PDF
3 e-Mail Creation Form : Individual User Download PDF
4 e-Mail Creation Form : Bulk User Download PDF
5 e-Office : Employee Master Data Base Format Download PDF
6 e-Office: Digitization Process Download PDF
7 e-Office : File Movement Process Format Download PDF
8 e-Office : Demo Youtube Videos in Hindi Link
9 e-Office : Mantralaya Pustika Download PDF
eOffice-User Manuals
Sno Description File
1 e-Office : User Manual – eFile Receipts Download PDF
2 e-Office : User Manual – eFile Digitization Download PDF
3 e-Office : User Manual – eFile Process Download PDF
4 e-Office : User Manual – eFile Options Download PDF